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1 : Let's fight!

2 : >implying WiiU is better than PS4
>implying WiiU is better than Xbox One
>implying PS4 is better than WiiU
>implying PS4 is better than Xbox One
>implying Xbox One is better than WiiU
>implying Xbox One is better than PS4

There, I think we covered everything. Oh wait

>implying Vita is better than 3DS
>implying 3DS is better than Vita

3 : SEGA is the greatest

4 : i like 3Drealms the best they'll never turn duke nukem's arms blonde

5 : This doesn't feel like a real console war thread without all the smug reaction faces.

6 : [sub]benis[/sub]

7 : >>5
This will help: http://asciiflow.com/
Ten second attempt:

++-----------------+ ++----------------+
++ | ++ |
| | | |
+------------------+ +-----------------+


8 : >>7
The fuck is that supposed to be?

9 : I respect all your tastes in video gaming hardware

10 : >>2

>implying Ouya isn't the greatest console

11 : >>10
>spend $200 on special edition
>never even open it

$200 I will never get back.

12 : >>11
>wait for years until it becomes rare

13 : >>3
Yeeeesssss!I think so,too.

14 : sega sucks. they always treat their users like guinea pigs or something.

15 : PSP is the best handheld of all time, prove me wrong

16 : >>10
Is Ouya still kicking? It seems like some people are still releasing games for it.

17 : >>16

Ouya is pretty dead, the only news game it's getting is typical Android games. The console itself is still less potent than a decent tablet with a controller connected to it.

18 : Vita > 3DS fucking fight me


20 : >>15
I agree. I have used my PSP for so many years and still enjoy using it.

21 : virtual boy master race

22 : Just got a ps4. Liking it so far, but it's a little easy to spend a lot of money haha

23 : Bleeerrrggghh *vomits*
I forgot how disgustingly bad imageboadds can look like, no wonder chinese people are a bunch of autistic communists with no imagination.
this is so bad it's slowing down my pc.

24 : >>23

25 : >>23
hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The imageboard's two blocks down.

26 : http://omorashiol.x.fc2.com/

27 : The first was nothing
The nothing shaped something
This is all the truth

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