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1Anonymous2017/12/14(Thu) 00:28:49.61

2Anonymous2017/12/14(Thu) 00:31:30.57
we are the world

3Anonymous2018/01/12(Fri) 17:00:08.45
enigma is greatest man.of the world.
fedor is wild boy very much.

4Anonymous2018/01/12(Fri) 17:01:50.79
enigma is very good song.

5Anonymous2018/01/12(Fri) 17:04:10.20
I see.pitbull is good song

6Anonymous2018/01/12(Fri) 17:05:48.75
mroon5 is sexynes.

7Anonymous2018/01/12(Fri) 17:11:51.68
Ariana Grande is very very good singer.
i live in japan.japan come on.

8Anonymous2018/01/12(Fri) 17:14:07.60
it is not.i am no money

9Anonymous2018/03/23(Fri) 10:05:00.58
ASIDJAZZ if mother earth respect .

10Anonymous2018/03/23(Fri) 10:06:14.04
do you like R&B or trip hop?
house music is as still is comming.

11Anonymous2018/03/23(Fri) 10:10:20.61
drumm & base is so god good farther for misa rly.no dance sei musik.

12Anonymous2018/04/03(Tue) 14:26:48.00
What songs are popular in Japan now?

13Anonymous2018/04/10(Tue) 16:02:06.95
Michael Jackson is pervert but great.
He was inncent. I like him.

14Anonymous2018/04/10(Tue) 16:08:45.73

15Anonymous2018/04/21(Sat) 10:14:21.19
choto naniitteruka wakarimasen

16Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 01:00:01.94

17Anonymous2019/09/15(Sun) 21:47:38.11
The bob arrives in japan!!!
This is a Brazilian Trap Music!!
I love Japan!


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